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Too Chatty For Twitter

7 Sep

You know those fleeting moments when you feel like you just want to talk about anything and everything to everybody? Well, that’s how I felt like today.

Whenever I do feel that (and believe me, it happens a lot even for a non-sharer like me), I usually go straight to my brothers and annoy the hell out of them. But since my brothers were rather preoccupied today, I decided to try my friends. But then I realized that today was a weekday hence, they’d all be busy with school and work. So I was left to fend for myself.

In case you haven’t noticed my live twitter feed in my sidebar (right side of this blog, try to keep scrolling through all the widgets until you can find the right one), I love to tweet. Well, sometimes. But having a blackberry phone ensures this addiction to be very much sated.

So I just kept tweeting random thoughts and musings. And saw that some of my friends were tweeting too. One thing led to another and before you know it, people were already complaining about their twitter feed being flooded with our conversation. Whoops.

I was tweeting with a lot of my friends when suddenly, I saw this on my phone:

At first I thought, ‘What the hell is this?’ then tried to refresh the page about five times before I gave up and googled it. This happened because according to Twitter:*

Unauthenticated calls are permitted 150 requests per hour. Unauthenticated calls are measured against the public facing IP of the server or device making the request.

I laughed my arse off after realizing that along with my Twitter friends, even Twitter itself is complaining that I’m too noisy. And indeed, I was. I seriously counted my latest tweets for today. It reached a whooping 198, just in a span of 4 hours.

In the 15-minute break I had from tweeting, I decided to blog about this. Let me know what you think of my overly chatty tendencies and feel free to comment about them below. 🙂


*I feel like I had to cite exactly where I lifted this information from because I’m afraid to get bashed about plagiarism. For more on this new pet peeve of mine, please refer to Tito Sotto: Translation 101