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Too Chatty For Twitter

7 Sep

You know those fleeting moments when you feel like you just want to talk about anything and everything to everybody? Well, that’s how I felt like today.

Whenever I do feel that (and believe me, it happens a lot even for a non-sharer like me), I usually go straight to my brothers and annoy the hell out of them. But since my brothers were rather preoccupied today, I decided to try my friends. But then I realized that today was a weekday hence, they’d all be busy with school and work. So I was left to fend for myself.

In case you haven’t noticed my live twitter feed in my sidebar (right side of this blog, try to keep scrolling through all the widgets until you can find the right one), I love to tweet. Well, sometimes. But having a blackberry phone ensures this addiction to be very much sated.

So I just kept tweeting random thoughts and musings. And saw that some of my friends were tweeting too. One thing led to another and before you know it, people were already complaining about their twitter feed being flooded with our conversation. Whoops.

I was tweeting with a lot of my friends when suddenly, I saw this on my phone:

At first I thought, ‘What the hell is this?’ then tried to refresh the page about five times before I gave up and googled it. This happened because according to Twitter:*

Unauthenticated calls are permitted 150 requests per hour. Unauthenticated calls are measured against the public facing IP of the server or device making the request.

I laughed my arse off after realizing that along with my Twitter friends, even Twitter itself is complaining that I’m too noisy. And indeed, I was. I seriously counted my latest tweets for today. It reached a whooping 198, just in a span of 4 hours.

In the 15-minute break I had from tweeting, I decided to blog about this. Let me know what you think of my overly chatty tendencies and feel free to comment about them below. 🙂


*I feel like I had to cite exactly where I lifted this information from because I’m afraid to get bashed about plagiarism. For more on this new pet peeve of mine, please refer to Tito Sotto: Translation 101


Forgive The Intoxication

29 Aug

So remember me being guilty because of ignoring my friends for a couple of weeks now? Well, I couldn’t bear it any longer so I decided to take them up on their offer tonight. To be more specific, last night.

I went out with some of my girlfriends along with their friends all the way from Cebu. They wanted to tour their college friends around our hometown and as the accommodating hosts that we are, we obliged. So I went to the hotspot in our city at around 11. One thing you should also know about me is that I am never punctual, despite what the trophy of the pageant I joined way, way back says.

I am always the last one to arrive at any social gathering and almost the first one to leave. In birthday parties, the celebrant even arrives before me. And in weddings, well, let’s just say that when I arrive, people are already in queue for dinner. It’s not that my parents are super strict (which they are, but I somehow find ways to manage them,) but it’s something I have learned from Paris Hilton when I was young. She said something about arriving late and being the first to leave at a party/gathering. Which is what I exactly did a few hours ago.

I enjoy drinking just as much every one of my friends but, there has to be a limit. You see, I drive myself home. Yes, even though the places we go to are within walking distance of my house, I still drive because I’m lazy. Plus, it’s really, really, scary to commute at two in the morning.

I was really grateful to my brother’s friend who mans the bar because he takes good care of me and my friends. He notices when I’m already buzzed because he then slips me water to clear my head. And, he slips me free drinks as well. 🙂 Plus, he opened the bar a few hours longer than they normally do just to accommodate us. He’s such an angel.

Anyway, I’m writing this now in bed, extremely buzzed and deaf with the beat of the songs still pounding, so please excuse all the typos and whatnot. I just really wanted my blog to be as up-to-date as possible.

By the by, after talking with my new acquaintances, I’m persuaded into attending the Sinulog festival on January of 2013 in Cebu. They just make it sound like so much fun! Are any of you going as well? Please leave me tips and feel free to comment.


A Sorry Of Sorts

28 Aug

It’s been so long since I posted (let alone visited) my own blog. I guess I could always equate it to being busy with school, all my extra-curricular reading and my never-ending TV obsession. But to be perfectly honest, I just didn’t have the heart to.

I really don’t know what brought on this new wave of laziness/lack of direction in me. I guess I do, but I don’t feel like sharing it. At least not yet. One thing you should know about me: I’m not a sharer. If there is what you call as an over-sharer, I embody the exact opposite. I’ve never been a vocal person, talkative maybe, but not in the sense where it counts. Ask even my closest friends, they would all agree to this sentiment in a heartbeat.

When I’m with my friends, we usually just talk about the superficial girly things that we all love. Clothes, make up, hair, celebrities, movies and books we’ve just read. Okay, the last part, only with a select few of my girlfriends because despite my adamant -bordering on annoying- pleas, not all of us in the group enjoy reading. And about their lives, or to be more specific, their boy troubles. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing about their crazy and sometimes kilig stories. It just never occurred to me to share about my own musings. And like the perfect friends that they are, they never once pushed me to share. Well occasionally, they’d ask a few questions just out of sheer curiosity but never really pry.

They understood that I am not like them, and accepted me for me.

Now I feel really guilty about dodging their calls and bowing out on a couple of girls’ night outs. I guess we really are selfish human beings. We all get so caught up in our own little world that we forget how lucky we are to have such wonderful people as friends. Friends that despite their busy schedules, make an effort to reach out to one another. Friends that would not begrudge my recent lack of enthusiasm.

I am such a bad friend.

I have to go call them now and apologize.