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Love Song Syndrome (LSS)

6 May

When you have this one song that’s playing on loop in your head all day long, it’s called LSS or Last Song Syndrome.

In this case though, I prefer to call it Love Song Syndrome, because the song that I’m pertaining to is entitled Love Song. Hence, the title. D’oh.

This song is written and performed by Sara Bareilles and is the first single of her debut album, Little Voice which came out on 2007. Yes, you read that right.

I first heard this song a few years ago while I was studying overseas. I distinctly remember hearing it for the first time when I was on the bus with my friends, being all touristy and stuff because it was one of those rare days when our study breaks coincided with each others’ and decided to go exploring the strange city we were in. Wow, I went and sprinted off topic that fast, huh?

Where was I? Oh, right, the song. A few years back, when the song was all popular and new, I remember that I didn’t quite like it. Don’t even ask me why cause I sure as hell don’t know the reason myself! It’s bloody good!

I wonder why Sara Bareilles isn’t as popular as she ought to be. Her songs are awesome. She’s such a ¬†talented songwriter and singer. The lyrics are raw and relatable. Her songs are like chapters that complete the journey of a heroine through the good times and the bad.¬†Plus she’s so pretty!¬†

The song is about a girl whose been through a lot but is still confident enough to hold her own ground, unwilling to compromise her principles. Here’s my favorite part of the song:

I’m not gonna write you a love song
‘Cause you asked for it
‘Cause you need one, you see
I’m not gonna write you a love song
‘Cause you tell me it’s make or breaking this
If you’re on your way
I’m not gonna write you to stay
If all you have is leaving
I’mma need a better reason to write you a love song today

I learned the hard way
That they all say things you want to hear
My heavy heart sinks deep down under you
And your twisted words, your help just hurts
You are not what I thought you were
Hello to high and dry

If I could, I’d declare this an inspirational anthem for all the ladies.

By the by, here is my Top Five Sara Bareilles songs:

Love Song
King of Anything
Kaleidoscope Heart
Bottle It Up
Breathe Again