Here They Are

1 Oct

By this time, I’m sure many of us are already well acquainted with the notorious topic that is the Cyber-crime Bill.

To show defiance, hackers defaced several government websites last week.

At precisely 1:00AM Today (October 1, 2012,) the National Telecommunications Commissions ( too was defaced by hackers aptly named as Anonymous Philippines.

Although the site was already up and running about an hour later, the message of Anonymous still looms large.

With the “Rage Against The Machine” track, “Freedom,” blaring in the background, the text on the defaced site reads:

“This domain name asssociated with GOV.PH has been seized pursuant to an order issued by Anonymous Philippines.

A federal grand jury has indicated several individuals and entities allegedly involved in the operation of this website / department / office charging them with the following federal crimes:

Conspiracy, Violations of Human Rights, Corruption, Copyright infringement, Money Laundering, PIRACY, Misuse of Devices, Libel, Plagiarism, and Destruction of Freedom of Speech.”

Here is the threat promised by Anonymous to all the governments that threaten to squash the online freedom of its people everywhere:

“We are fighting for the truth and free speech
People should not fear the Government
the government should fear their people
anonymous is not a group
anonymous is not an organization
anonymous is an idea
and ideas are bullet proof

We are anonymous
We are Legion
United as one
Divided by none

the corrupt fear us
the honest support us
the heroic join us

Expect Us.”

Here they are.





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