Welcome to Lookbook.nu!

9 May

So guess what guys (or not, I’m still going to blog about it regardless of your response, anyway.) I’ve signed up at Lookbook.nu!

For those who’s asking what it is, it’s basically a fashion site wherein you post pictures of yourself with your award-winning ensemble and tell people where you got it. Then you hype each other’s looks and comment about them. Plus you can be ‘fans’ of your favorite lookbookers.

So it’s basically like Chictopia, only more popular. Oh and that reminds me. I have a chictopia account as well! Well, I’ve had it for over a year now and haven’t posted anything new almost as long as that. Heehee.

But be forewarned, I don’t plan on being active on both fashion blogs. Mainly because I can’t be bothered to take a decent full-body shot of myself. Chos. But really, I don’t want to burden you guys with the messy background of my cluttered things scattered expertly in my room.

So why put the badges here, then? It’s because I love the badge of lookbook! It’s so artsy and chic!

It is, right? You better be nodding your head like crazy right about now.

If you want to check both of my profiles, I’ve added widgets to my blog because I love you all so much (and I know you people are lazy bums like me to make the effort of copying and pasting the urls. Uyy, aminin!)

Don’t forget to check them out! The badges/widgets/links can be found at the right portion. Like there —->

Well, of course, you have to scroll down first, dummy. Send me some love, okay?



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