8 Apr

Okay, that’s just as far as my French goes. But hey, at least I try, right?

Hi there! Welcome to my humble blog. I’m Cherry Diane Lee, an incoming college senior from the University of the Philippines, unsure whether to be excited or dreadful that my days in the academe are coming to an end.

This is the third blog I created in a span of 24 hours because I can’t seem to find the right web hosting site that can cater to my recent urge to blog. I’m treating this as an outlet and extension of my innermost thoughts. I’ll be posting about things that interest me. And if you ask anybody who knows me, it can be summed up to just quite a few things -tv shows, books, music, food and a little bit of fashion.

Enjoy your stay here. And I welcome feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism (emphasis on the constructive), so feel free to comment. And children, remember to play nice.

Here’s to hoping that the third time’s the charm.


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